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Campus Map

Georgetown is a Google campus, which means you can find all of our on-campus buildings through your Google Maps app on your mobile device! Simply type in the building name to get walking or driving directions. 

We also provide the map online for those without the Google maps app cability. View our interactive campus map to help you easily move about campus. 

Summer FAQ

What is a CVC card?

  • A Conference Visitor Card (CVC) is given to guests of the University who are staying for short periods of time. This card gives them access to their residence hall and identifies them as an approved Georgetown affiliate.

I’m locked out of my room! What can I do?

  • Conference guests who are locked out of their residential space can visit their designated RHO to obtain a lockout key. If the lockout has taken place outside of RHO hours, please contact the Night Duty Team Member at 202-394-5377

Who do I talk to about my groups meal plan?

  • Summer meal plans are managed by the University‚Äôs dining provider, Aramark. If you have questions regarding summer meal plans, reach out to Eugene Romero at either 202-687-3401 or If you need additional information, visit the Hoya Eats website.

I have a GOCard for the summer. Where can I use it?

  • A GOCard replaces the CVC card. You can use your GOCard at any of our on-Campus dining and vendor outlets and our partnered vendors off-Campus. You can add dollars to your GOCard for laundry services as well. Please visit the GOCard website for more information.

How can I get off campus when I need to?

  • The Georgetown University Transportation Shuttle  (GUTS) offers convenient serves for getting off-Campus. Visit the GUTS website for more the current schedule or call the Office of Transportation Management for more information at 202-687-4372.
  • If you choose to utilize a rideshare service or a cab, please utilize the University main gates for access (3700 O St. NW, Washington, DC 20057)